Hi my name is Philip!

I have worked with computers over the years as a systems administrator, web developer and end user. I use them almost everyday. Hopefully everyday I learn something new and when I do, here is where I will write about it.

I was first introduced to open source software, over 20 years ago, when I bought my first Linux distro, Caldera, in the back streets of Camden Town, London. To my surprise Tetris was available, as the CD installed the operating system. Not long after that I was introduced to FreeBSD and from then I have always preferred the *BSDs over Linux. The documentation was so clean and the ports collection was just impossible to beat. Over the years, I have developed a fondness for Fedora and Redhat, mainly for Qemu/KVM.

I am most interested in the usual workhorses of the web, such as mail servers, http daemons and utilities that support these. So here I will use theses pages to blog about things I have been doing. Hopefully in the future it will help me save some time, when I have to come back here to look at my notes. If it can help you with anything, then that is a bonus and I am pleased I have been of some service. I try to post every couple of weeks so if you enjoy any of the posts, stick around!

Happy Hacking!



Juniper Networks Cerified Internet Associate
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator


email: [pgp public key]

github: pbdigital-dot-org

twitter: @networkfoo


Curriculum Vitæ

Please email me for my up-to-date Curriculum Vitæ.